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‘Studies without Worries’ is offered free of charge to all students of Thomas More.

There are three separate programmes available, focused on: fear of failure, lack of assertiveness or procrastination. The programmes do not focus on study methodology or choosing a study programme. They have no connection with the specific study programme you are attending.

Each programme consists of four modules that are composed of a combination of self-tests or self-examination, information and practical exercises. The exercises are aimed at giving you more support to deal with the difficulties you are experiencing. You will be able to deal with your fear of failure (active and passive), lack of assertiveness and procrastination in a concrete way.

In every programme you are only required to go through the first module. The first module is intended to give you a better insight into the difficulties you are experiencing. After the first module, all other modules are freely accessible. You can then decide for yourself which 'path' you will follow.

Fill in our questionnaire. You will then receive personal advice on what choice to make.

Research shows that online self-help can be effective. However, like any other form of self-help, assistance or therapy, it also requires a personal effort from the participant. So it’s not a 'magical solution' that will work 'automatically'. 

Self-help requires a certain form of self-discipline, in which it’s not enough to read a few texts only once. Self-help programmes are aimed at getting you started in a concrete way. Some methods are offered which will need to be practised before they can have an effect in the long term.

But rest assured, the programmes are not built according to the principle of 'one size fits all'. Various methods and tips are offered from which you can make a choice. Some will fit better, others less. The most important thing is that you start working with a tool that works for you.

After registration you will get access to the 3 programmes. However, we advise you to focus on one programme and not to work on more than one programme at the same time.

When you’ve started with one programme, you can switch of course, if it turns out that another theme is more suitable for you.

It’s also possible to finish a programme and then follow another one. Some difficulties can be intertwined or closely related to each other.

If you’re coached by a therapist from the social service, you can give him or her access to your programme. This way, the online self-help can complement any individual guidance.

You are the only one who can decide on this. Student counselors of the social service cannot have access without your permission. You can also revoke this permission at any time.

The website 'Studies without Worries' is located on a separate and secure server. All data exchanged between your private part of the website and the server are encrypted when you send them and only decrypted when they arrive. Every secure website contains 'https' in the address bar of your web browser.

The Stuvo guarantees that under no circumstances personal data will be passed on to third parties, not even to other services of Thomas More. If there is individual guidance from a therapist, this person is strictly bound by a professional confidentiality obligation.

As long as you think it’s necessary during your studies at Thomas More. Your personal account does not expire as long as you have an active Thomas More email address.

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Yes, the website is also accessible for tablets and smartphones, but a number of exercises do not work on a small screen. You will be notified if this is the case.